Istorija In memoriam prof.dr. Rastko Čukić 1938 - 2001

prof.dr. Rastko Čukić 1938 - 2001


     Dugogodišnji predsednik Smučarskog saveza Srbije
     05. Februara 2001, tragično je nastradao prof.dr. Rastko Čukić, dugogodišnji predsednik Smučarskog saveza Srbije, redovnii profesor Beogradskog univerziteta.

Kadar iz emisije "Bele staze" (Duško Korać), snimljene na Brezovici 1995. godine.


R A S T K O    Č U K I Ć
22.01.1937 - 05.02.2001

PhD, Full Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Belgrade

         Rastko Čukić, Ph.D., Full Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, was born on January 22th 1937. in Požarevac. He attended the primary school in Požarevac, and secondary school in Belgrade. He graduated in 1961 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. He started to work in 1963 as the assistant for Strength of Materials at the Department for Theory of Structures, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. He obtained the Master of Science degree in 1970 at the Faculty of Sciences in Belgrade, and the PhD in 1972 in Warsaw, Poland, at the Institute for Mechanics supervised by the academician Witold Nowacki, who had an important influence on his scientific development.

         Professor Rastko Čukić became the Assistant professor in 1975, the Associate professor in 1982 and the Full professor in 1987 for the subjects Strength of Materials and Strength of Structures and FEM. He also
    lectured many other subjects at the postgraduate studies: Thermoelasticity, Theory of elasticity, Plates and Shells, Engineering measurements, Photoelasticity... He lectured at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, at the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering in Kraljevo, Niš, Valjevo and at the Technical Military Academy in Žarkovo and in Libya.

         Professor Čukić was very professional in his work. That is why he was a member of the large number of bodies at the faculty. Twice he was elected for the Vice-dean for the financial problems. During that period the new reading room of the faculty library was built and the students got a new and modern place for their work. He had also taken part at the building of the University computer center and of the Center for new technologies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. For many years he was the Head of the Department for Strength of structures and of the Institute for Applied Mechanics and Strength of structures. During 38 years of his work he was a supervisor to a large number of master and doctoral thesis. He was author and coauthor of 8 textbooks for the undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He had taken part in more than 50 scientific and engineering projects and he published more than 100 papers.

        He was a person full of great energy. Besides his work at the Faculty he also hardly worked at the Yugoslav Ski Federation on its international affirmation. Professor Čukić became the international official in the International Ski Federation and he took part in many of its conferences all over the world.

         In the secondary school he started playing saxophone and harmonica. He had enjoyed preparing music for films and playing concerts on television. Last year he recorded his own CD.

         Professor Čukić tragically died on February 5th 2001 after a traffic accident.

         The large field of scientific activities of Professor Rastko Čukić can be seen from the list of some of his papers.

         1. Čukić R., The Thermal shock on the Surface of the Rectangular Plate, Bulletin de l′Academie Polonaise
    des Sciences, vol. 20, no. 9, 1972.
         2. Čukić R., The Thermal shock on the Shell of Revolution-Coupled and Uncoupled Theory, Bulletin de
    l′Academie Polonaise des Sciences, vol. 20, no. 10, 1972.
         3. Čukić R., Transversal Vibrations of thin Shell of Revolution Produced by Thermal Shock, Bulletin de
    l′Academie Polonaise des Sciences, vol. 21, no. 12, 1973.
         4. Čukić R., Coupled and Uncoupled Problem of Thermoelastic Vibration of the Circular Plate, Bulletin de
    l′Academie Polonaise des Sciences, vol. 22, 1973.
         5. Čukić R., Coupled Thermoelastic Vibration of the Plates, Archives of Mechanics, Pol. Academy of
    Sciences, vol. 25, issue 3, 1973.
         6. Čukić R., Diffusion in Thermoelastic Plates, Bulletin de l′Academie Polonaise des Sciences, vol. 22, no.
    4, 1974.
         7. Čukić R., Thermodiffusion in an Elastic Layer, Bulletin de l′Academie Polonaise des Sciences, vol. XXVI, no. 12, 1976.
         8. Čukić R. and Ružić D., On the Behavior of an Uniformly Heated Rotor, Bulletin de l′Academie
    Polonaise des Sciences, vol. XVI, no. 8-9, 1978.
         9. Čukić R., The Solutions of some thermoelasticity problems using integral transform technique, Naučna
    knjiga, Belgrade, 1979.
         10. Čukić R., Kuzmanović D., The Problem of Thermodiffusion in Viscoelastic Bodies, Journal of Thermal
    Stresses, vol. 4, 3-4, special issues, Hemisphere Publishing Corporation, Washington, D. C. 2005, 1981.
         11. Maneski T., Čukić R., Milačić V., Program Packages for the Calculation of the Mechanical Constructions,
    IX conference “Governing of the Manufacture in the Industry of the metal arrangement”, Belgrade, 1981.
         12. Čukić R., Maneski T., Methods of the stress analysis in the elements of the nuclear components,
    Conference 200 years of the nuclear energetic, Belgrade, 1982.
         13. Čukić R., Maneski T., Plane and axial symmetric problem of the deformation using finite element
    method, VII JUPITER-conference, Zvečevo, 1982.
         14. Čukić R., Maneski T., Kielbasinski J., Calculation of the bearing structures using computers, XI
    JUPITER conference, Cavtat , 1985.
         15. Maneski T., Kalajdžić M., Čukić R., Calculation system CAE, XII JUPITER-conference, Cavtat,
    Belgrade, 1986.
         16. Čukić R., Maneski T., Stationary and Nonstationary problems of the heat propagation, XIII JUPITER
    conference, Cavtat, Belgrade, 1987.
         17. Čukić R., Maneski T., Milovančević M., The Analysis of the stress field of the cap isolator loaded by
    tension force, 18th Yug. Congress of the Theoretical and Applied mechanic,Vrnjačka Banja, 1988.
         18. Čukić R., Kopecki H., Ružić D., Maneski T., Experimental and numerical analysis of a disc of gas
    turbine, 9th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, Copenhagen, 1990.
         19. Čukić R., Maneski T., Milovančević M., The Analysis of the reason of the crush of the binder-conveyor
    for the transport of cobble, Science-vocational conference “Transportation in industry”, Belgrade, 1992.
         20. Popović D., Čukić R., Maneski T., Calculation of the heavy ship rudder using FEM, 1st International
    Science-vocational conference “Teška mašinogradnja”, TM’93, Kraljevo, Kruševac, V.Banja, 1993.
         21. V. Milošević, R. Čukić, Temperature, stress and strain fields of the thin circular plate loaded by the
    moving heat source, XX Yugoslav congress of the theoretical and applied mechanic, Kragujevac, 1993.
         22. Čukić, V. Milošević, Thermoelastic Vibrations of The Thin Plate Induced by Moving Heat Source, J. of
    Theor. and Applied Mechanics 2, 31, Warszava, 1993.
         23. V. Milošević, R. Čukić, The solution of the one problem of the magnetothermoelastic bending of the thin ferromagnetic plates, XXI Yugoslav Congress of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanic, Niš, 1995.
         24. Čukić R., Maneski T., Milošević V., The analysis of the stress field and the upgrading of the basic
    construction of the boiler PKTS5, TIPO-kotlogradnja, Belgrade, 1996.
         25. Čukić R., Maneski T., Milošević V., The Problem of the Nonlinear Temperature Distribution Across the
    Thickness of the Plate produced by Electromagnetic Field, Thermal Stresses 97, Rochester, USA, 1997.
         26. Čukić R., Maneski T., Milovančević M., Numerical & Experimental Optimization of the Resistance of
    Structure of Cap-shaped Ceramic Electrical Insulator, CANCAM97, Quebec, Canada, 1997.
         27. Nestorović M., Čukić R., Maneski T., Milošević V., Experimental-numerical verification of the modeling
    of the demountable type of nodal link “TENES”, 10. Congress JDGK, Vrnjačka Banja, 1998.
         28. Čukić R., Maneski T., Milošević V., Milovančević M., The review of the construction of the rotary
    gantries and wheels of the railway vehicle, CIP Belgrade, 1999.
         29. Čukić R., Maneski T., Thermomechanical stress analysis of the boiler by FEM, Third International
    Congress of Thermal Stress '99, Cracow, Poland, 1999.
         30. Čukić R., Milošević V., Maneski T., Deformation of the thin metallic plate produced by electromagnet
    with constant flux, 23th Congress of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Belgrade, 2001.

    Department for Theory of Structures
    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University in Belgrade

    Series: Mechanics, Automatic Control and Robotics Vol.3, No 12, 2002, pp. 489 - 490

Kadar iz emisije "Bele staze" (Duško Korać), snimljene na Brezovici 1995. godine.

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