Pogledati punu verziju : New year

17.12.2006, 23:03
I am staying in Kopaonik (brus) in the first week of 2007, and i have never been there before. My good serbian friend has adviced me to go to Kopaonik and check out the beautiful mountain. But what can i expect about celebrating the new there year because i will be there when 2006 turns in to 2007. What are the places to be?

And about snowboarding, which slopes do you recommend.

Thank you.


17.12.2006, 23:16
All about Kopaonik:



ski dude
17.12.2006, 23:18
try "ski skola" or "nasa kuca" i don't know do they have new year program but its worth of visit:cug: ,also try hotel grand if is there any place left,about snowboarding i don't know,there are many good slopes for it but better ask some snowboarder:)

19.12.2006, 10:53
Oke thank you guys for the information.
Can you also tell me which skilift is the most nearby from pansion dobrodolac? I am staying there and i am not sure in which part of Kopaonik the pansion is located.
A friend of my is also coming to visit Kopaonik, he wants to know if he can hire ski's or a snowboard in the region? And which shop is the best place for renting.

Thank you is said in Holland "dank je wel".

So "dank je wel" for the information

PS: what do think of pansion Dobrodolac?

ski dude
19.12.2006, 17:32
ajde nek neko pomogne ovom jer ja neam pojma gde se nalazi dobrocolac:dontknow: ,ne dolazi puno njih iz holandije svake godine:cug:

19.12.2006, 21:05
Sorry skidude.
Can't understand serbian writing.

ski dude
19.12.2006, 21:39
i just sad that i don't know where dobrocolac is,and i'm asking for others too help you:dziveli:

20.12.2006, 09:35
Pansion "Dobrodolac"37225 Bela Reka+ 381 37 823 014
+ 381 64 2876 224+381 37 823 014nenaddobrodolac
@yahoo.com (nenaddobrodolac@yahoo.com)

picture: http://www.skijanje.co.yu/Ski_Centri/Kopaonik/hoteli/Dobrodolac.jpg

These are official contacts for Pansion Dobrodolac, which is all I could find about it on the Web.
Dobrodolac is situated in Brzeće, near hotel Junior, and as it is said in info, it's "ideal for a family vacation and true connoiseirs of domestic cousine."
From Dobrodolac to the nearest two-chair lift Bela reka I there is about 300m.
(Bela Reka I "begins from the settlement Brzece and its exit station is at the place Kamariste where joins with lifts Bela Reka II and Struga. This is the only track that has fall on its route so it gives you one more experience and makes ride more interesting. Due to its low height it is condemn to less number of skiers so it is often used to draw skiers out to the rest of ski centers. You can get directly from the hotels in Brzece to this track so as continuing from the tracks Struga and Bela Reka II." - taken from http://www.eng.infokop.net/ ) (http://www.eng.infokop.net/%29).

I hope this will help you a little bit.