Pogledati punu verziju : help!how can i come to kopaonik?

bob sponge
29.11.2006, 00:11
hello to everybody!we are some friends from greece and we want to come to kopaonik during december.we will go to nis by train but we do not know if there is any bus there that we can take to go to kopaonik.we are interested to know if there is any bus every single day of the week not only at weekends (for example at tuesday) thank you in advance for your interest

29.11.2006, 01:09
this is telephone number of bus station in Nis +38118355177
call them and ask what you need

29.11.2006, 09:30
this is telephone number of bus station in Nis +38118355177
call them and ask what you need
I would like to listen that conversation. :sm003:

29.11.2006, 11:45
me too :sm021:,bet milion $ that the guys at the Bus station dont know a word of English.Bob man forget it,find a nother way.Try to link up with some Agencies from Nis,maybe they could help you

29.11.2006, 13:48
posta@nis-ekspres.co.yu (posta@nis-ekspres.co.yu)

thet is e-mail of nis ekspres ( nis expres ) try it on thet whay

write on thet mail and ask for timateble nis-kopaonik-nis !!!

I think tehet is only whay !!!

bob sponge
29.11.2006, 14:19
thank you guys all for your help.we will try all that ways you
suggested us and let's hope we will find a solution

29.11.2006, 18:14
Ajde neko neka čoveku prevede pošto slabo stojim sa engleskim pa da ne bi bilonesporazuma ili smejanja.

Autobusa iz Niša ka Brzeću ima 2 ili 3 puta dnevno najmanje. Hotel Junior je u vlasništvu grčkog biznismena i telefoni hotela su +9937823 344, +9937823 044 i oni znaju tačne polaske autobusa iz Niša.
A iz Brzeća ima svakodnevno autobuse ka vrhu Kopaonika.

29.11.2006, 19:27
The_Man gave the info regarding bus connection:

There are daily at least 2 or 3 bus departures from Niš to Brzeće. Also, there are regular bus lines from Brzeće toward Kopaonik. The owner of the Hotel Junior is businessman from Greece, and you can call the hotel on +38137823 344 or +38137823 044. They should help regarding bus schedule from Niš.

The_Man, provjeri telefonske brojeve koje sam prepravio.

29.11.2006, 20:04
ok su! Koji sam ja tupson. Mislim šta reći!