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12.12.2016, 19:53
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Hi there!

It was more than 10 years since I got myself new (factory made) skis (and more than 25 since I bought a new pair) so I know nothing about buying skis and I do not read ads (I was forced to write ads years ago and I know how stupid they are).
I also do not know nothing about selling skis, but I know how the ski works (and therefore, what kind of ski makes sense)

There are still some issues about current skis:

- too expensive
- to clumsy
- wheny you buy a pair, you are 'married' with them for several years
- too specialized - slalom skis on icy slope work OK, but on soft they could be nightmare

so I decided to develop my own skis (as I did many years ago - and you guys are still using them).

You could understand this post as advertisement, but I am just showing, what I have done in last few years, so please check:


and comment :-)
Skis are not on sale yet but this winter, there will be 50 pairs aviabile for testing.

Remember, that nobody needed carving ski in 90' :-)


For more theory:

and yes, skiing is my language, not english!

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13.12.2016, 12:11
Zanimljiva stvar! Prvo deluje kao totalni hoax, ali kada čovek malo pročita i udubi se, a i vidi ko je dizajner koncepta... postane veoma zanimljivo!

13.12.2016, 15:42
Kaako kaze choek devedesetih nikome nije trebala karving skija....