Pogledati punu verziju : Serbian Dinar

13.11.2006, 17:24

I have been to a travel agent today to order my Dinar for my trip in January. I was told that I am not able to purchase Dinar in the UK:sm006: but to take Euro's instead?

I didn't think that Serbia had converted to the Euro yet, can anybody tell me whether I would be better taking (to KopaoniK) Euros or taking Sterling and then converting that into Dinar?


13.11.2006, 18:03
Legal unit for payment is Sr Dinar.

My opinion is to exchange GBP Pounds direct into Sr Dinar.

If you convert Pound in to euro, than convert euro in to dinar, your lose some money on transactions.

Do conversion in to Bank or Exchange office, but look around exchange rates are different.

Look at site of (National Bank of Serbia) Narodna Banka Srbije NBS. http://www.nbs.yu/serbian/mm/uporedni/index.php
there are exchange rates for all Banks in Serbia.

Sorry to my poor English!

13.11.2006, 20:01
The MaN,

Thank you very much for the information, that has answered my question thanks. I will bring GBP and change them in the resort.

No need to worry about your English, it's much better than my Serbian (I don't know any), I need to learn a few basic phrases in Serbian before I travel, like; Hello, goodbye, please, thankyou.

Thanks again for the information.:ok:

13.11.2006, 23:09
Hi Cafu,

Another option is to have a Nationwide Flex Account as they do not charge whenever you withdraw cash from machines when abroad.

That way you end up paying zero commision (apart from sometimes when you have to pay to use the machine, but this is normally minimal)

14.11.2006, 01:27
You can bring euros, everyone is accepting it in Kopaonik :)

14.11.2006, 01:45
Maybe but it is ilegal (against law)!

And you got big chanse to be fool about exchange rates!

14.11.2006, 07:52
Cafu,don´t worry.Just bring GBP and there are Exchange officeses in every city,even in a smaller place soo there shouldnt be a problem to get Dinar and like ThE MaN said,it´s better to change money in Exchange offices because otherwise you could be fooled

14.11.2006, 19:19
Thanks everbody for the info.

I will take Sterling so I don't get lose out on exchanging Euros. Does anybody know whether there are any ATM machines in the hotels?

14.11.2006, 22:02
I know that they have ATM at Konaci apartments (some bank near reception).
Probably they have more, but I didn't searched for more ;). They accept Visa/Mastercard CC/DCs..