Pogledati punu verziju : Back to indoor snow slope after Kop experience!

02.02.2007, 19:38
Having been the most nervous beginner ever known in Kop, I went back to the indoor snow slope at home where I'd had a few lessons before going away. At the 1st attempt I've now passed my level 4, so I am classed as a recreational skier and trusted on their slope without an instructor! YES!! :ski:

02.02.2007, 22:47
well done

You'll be doing the freestyle nights next!!

03.02.2007, 12:11
way to go!!!!

03.02.2007, 17:57
Thanks! :dziveli:

Before going to Kop I found going down from only the half way point of the indoor main slope terrifying, so being able to do the lot unassisted was a big step forward. I do so wish I had done this when younger and not waited until approaching 50, but at least I am doing it now!

03.02.2007, 23:47
Keep it up gal! and good luck to next year. When the bug bites, you will do it as long as you can. Whatever instructors say, only do reds when you're bored doing blues and you will have the best time