Pogledati punu verziju : Thanks for the pictures

31.01.2007, 09:57
Any more pics anyone? I think I'm more excited than the kids and the reports and pictures already posted have whetted my appetite for more:yay:

31.01.2007, 10:53
No more pics, but im currently in the process of sorting out the camcorder stuff from last week. If i can sort it i'll be able to show you my lad skiing down run 7.

Its the first time i've had a digital camcorder so im not sure if i'll be able to edit small sections onto the web. I'll let you know if i can!

(anybody have any experience and tips they can pass on?)

31.01.2007, 11:35
Ok... Us sledging in Kopaonik is now on youtube!!!

The skiing videos of us are too big to upload. Anyone know how to split down MPEG files?

31.01.2007, 13:51
Thanks NSIS

Looks like you had fun! The recording was better than normal youtube quality too!