Pogledati punu verziju : Ski Instructor called Dooley

Phil Bristol
25.01.2007, 18:46
Hi, We are returning to Kop in February , after trying Bansko in Bulgaria last year. When we first went in 2005 we had a Ski instructor called Dooley ( not sure of the spelling). He was about mid to early 30's, lived in Belgrade and worked in a Ski shop in the evenings. He was a great instructor , who has a great sense of humour. We are wondering if he is still working in the resort as we would like to contact him or at least get in a group with him or get some private lessons from him. Does any one know if he is still in the resort and a way of contacting him if possible. I know it is a shot in the dark but we can only but try Thanks Phil :dziveli:

25.01.2007, 19:31
If you have a picture you can post it here that should help a lot! :dziveli:

25.01.2007, 22:41
Phil, what do you prefer more, Bansko or Kopaonik? I undertood that you visit both places.

Phil Bristol
28.01.2007, 16:10
Hi Dzonka, Sorry for the delay in replying. I would not go back to Bansko at the moment. It was incredibly busy, took well over an hour to get our equipment and you had to wait in a very long queue to get onto the Gondola. It appears the resort is growing so fast that the infrastructue could not cope with it. Okay we went at school holidays so we expected it to be busy but it was a bit of a night mare. There is a large amount of building work going on and we were told by our instructor that the resort has grown 3 times it size in the last few years, with lots of apartments being built for sale to tourists. One day there were 28 people in our lesson(honestly). Also we had an 11 hour return journey back to the Airport. all in all not a great experience.
I believe there is another Gondola being built so this should alleviate some of the problems. All the cafes on the mountains were a bit plastic and artifical, with the main menu's being burger and chips. Kop seems to be a much more natural resort with great instructors, lovely slopes, beautiful scenery, lovely people. I am so looking forward to returning. Lets hope Kop does not go the same way as Bansko and becomes a bit of a commercial resort. The longer Kop stays a secret the better ( selfish I know!!!) I will enclose a photo Apparently the instructor we are trying to locate is call "Dule". I have attached a picture. Thanks Phil:dziveli:

28.01.2007, 19:24
Hey Phil, I returned from Kop last week and the guy in your pic looks an awful lot like an instructor I was speaking with on a chair lift - he spoke really good English and told me about a lot of runs I hadn't discovered. I think he was from the main ski school at the back of The Grand. (they now wear kiwi green jackets if this helps narrow down your search).

Phil Bristol
28.01.2007, 20:31
Hi Cafu,

Thanks for the update. It sounds like the same person. He was part of the school from the Grand and he was originally trained as a teacher in Belgrade, who spoke really good English. He was a very good instructor and seemed to enjoy his job, he had a really good sense of humour and put everyone at ease. . I hope he is still at the resort . He took my daughter out for some lessons and she is now a confident, accomplished skier. She even wants to become a Ski Instructor when is is old enough.
Thanks for your help. Cheers Phil