Pogledati punu verziju : currency

21.01.2007, 20:07
We went to Kop for New year and have been asked about the money situation, it was suggested my response might help others:We took sterling and exchanged some at the booth at the airport, the reat we exchanged at the bank in the Konaci appts reception. There is a ATM at the airport, one in the konaci main square and one in the grand hotel. Do not take travellers cheques as it is not possible to change these. The euro and Dollar can both be exchanged and it may be possible to use the euro in some places(thomson quote all their trips in euros), few shops etc will take credit cards, they may have a sign but are usually offline!
Hope this helps, and have a great time

22.01.2007, 12:25
Great information. Confirms what others have suggested, but always nice to get "this years" info!