Pogledati punu verziju : What is the trend for snow cover middle of March?

21.01.2007, 00:40
Hello everyone!

New guy on the block! Been lurking on this site since I booked a week in Kop a few days ago.

First off let me say what a great forum with lots of nice people get a real sense of community here! I’m feeling the love!

I know that at the moment the snow is patchy and weather out of sorts! But I would like to know what the snow cover tends to be like in the middle of March?

I know no one can command the heavens to dump snow, but what are the chances of me and my GF getting some time on the lovely mountain??

Take it easy everyone, and I hope everyone’s dreams of powder come true!


21.01.2007, 15:44
i was on kopaonik in last week of march last year, this year... it is hard to say. i delay my trip to franch alps because of defect with snow. this year is the worst year for ski.
i hope february will be good for ski on kopaonik