Pogledati punu verziju : Wheres the effing snow?

15.01.2007, 14:40
Ok, we are all fed-up with the lack of white stuff. Its not only Serbia, but all of Europe is really struggling.
Anyone think that this year will just be a short season, or will the snow last later? Only ask because if my first week is a wash-out (sun-out is probably a better term!!) I am thinking of booking a 'late' season holiday as well!
Any tips? Ideas where to go late in season?

15.01.2007, 14:45
after 20th january, there will be a lot of snow on kopaonik. february is best for ski on kopaonik. every year a lot of snow, a lot of sun, a lot of girls and good partys! ;)

15.01.2007, 14:54
I agree with Dzonka in the last couple of years season has moved to February and March. I booked holiday for March 10th in Borovets (BG) but I will come to Kop several times for weekend when there is snow and usualy on Kop you can ski in April!