Pogledati punu verziju : Ski School Info please & what to do on arrival.

14.01.2007, 20:22

Can someone help with some info about the Kop ski school please? I have not booked a course with the UK tour operator for various reasons, but would like to know what the options are once I am there. Here goes witht the questions!

Where do you go to book/find out? I am staying in the Grand.

Can you pay for them with plastic or do I need to bring enough cash to cover them if I want to book up?

Are there 1:1 lessons at a good price? Are they worthwhile or is a group better - I am not exactly a youngster by the way & am rather nervous. I've had 3 lessons here in a snowdome and can do snowplough turns & stop on a gentle slope (but don't reckon I could get on my feet again from the deck without help!)

Also, since they retimed our flight, we should be arriving there early afternoon I guess. Is it worth investigating lesson options at that stage - would someone be available to do so? What else do you advise as good use of that afternoon? Can you get your hired kit sorted out ready for the morning? Or is it worth just relaxing??

14.01.2007, 23:47
Hi there..

I belive many ski rental shops have Ski instructors, or are at least in contact with ski schools. There is a ski rental in hotel Grand also,
ask about it at recepcion. I've only rented a snowboard there once
for a day and it was more expensive, but of beter quality than some
other shops. If for any reason they are unable to help
you, just go outside of the hotel to the slope or about a hundred
meters down (very mild) hill. This is where few ski lifts start and
usualy there are some instructors hanging around. You will recognize
them by signs "Ski school" or "Ski škola" on the back of their jackets.
Hopefully, they will be english-speaking :)

You can pay by credit card in most shops. If Ski school is organized
by a ski rental/shop you can probably pay for classess by card. If
not, you can always use ATM to withdraw the required amount in dinars
(and only dinars).
There is an ATM just in the enterance of Grand.

15.01.2007, 00:15
Joe Bananna told you almost every information you need. All Ski instructrs are joined in one service and they have same looking jackets. If you find instructor that doesn't were Ski School (Ski Skola) jacket, he is not instructor with licence.

In your hotel (Grand) you have money machine, so you don't have to bring cash with you/ Every time when I was renting some part of equipment, I was paying with cash so I cann't tell you that it's possible to pay with plastic.

If you need shomething, just ask on reception. You'll see that we (Serbs) are very hospitable people.

Have a nice vecation in Serbia!


Bata Bane
15.01.2007, 00:22
One of the best ski instructor on Kopaonik is Drazen his phone number is


15.01.2007, 08:05
Hvala! Thank you for the replies.

15.01.2007, 14:04
One of the best ski instructor on Kopaonik is Gile and his phone number is