Pogledati punu verziju : non ski activities on Kopaonik

28.12.2006, 13:53

I am planing to visit Kopaonik in February and I am looking for more information about this resort. what I know are numbers of lifts and slopes.
I am looking for possibilities of crosscountry skiing, skateing, snowshoeing, snowkiting and etc. Especially I am interesting in snowkiting. Is there somewhere opne lanscape for this sport ? Is it possible to get some map of Copaonik with contour lines ?



28.12.2006, 14:31
Hmm...Kop is great mountain but your demands for nordic ski tracking are "negative"...there are some tracks named "crvene bare" but I have never heared that someone ever been there...And don't be to smart to try it 'cause you can lost yourself at the bottom of the world :) In the other hand the snowkiting is suporeted on Kop...One of the wellknown ski instructor is the pioneer and best guide for that discipline...I think his name is Drago,so when you came - ask for him...Anyway You should came to this mountain and february is the perfect time (snow and wind) .

28.12.2006, 16:35
OK I will not bring my crosscountry gear. About snowkiting , I have my own gear so I don´t need any instructor and equipment :) But i cant imagime where is some good place for this activities. I seen a lot of forest around the slopes except highest part. So where I can sliding ? I hope that with snowshoes we will enjoy a lot of fun there.


28.12.2006, 17:16
Slope named Krcmar is good for snowkite. Also good terrains is around hotel Srebrenac (not steep and not flat, without trees).